About elections, my song Protect our Freedom, spring and my song ‘Just Lazy’

Hello everybody,

got a lot of warm reactions again. It means a lot to me!

You’ll think what have these items in common. I am a person who is often troubled about what is going on in the world. At this moment I am pondering about the next elections in March in Holland and other countries in Europe. In Holland we have a Parliament (2nd Chambre we call it) and every person with new ideas can establish a new party. Ofcourse when they have a mininum amount of votes (we call it an election threshold). So we have a lot of smaller and bigger parties in Holland. The biggest ones in general form a coalition who will govern the country. We also have a 1st Chambre who are involved with new legislation which is presented to them by the 2nd Chambre and they can accept or reject this new legislation. In this way they control in a positive way the government.

At this moment the election polls show that most of the voters in Holland don’t know where to vote on. This is one of the latest issues in democracy: many people want all their ideas to be represented by a party and ofcourse there is not one that complies with this standard. There are also many social issues and most of the parties with great programms stay in denial when it comes to these social issues. This makes more peope vote on people like Trump and Wilders than if there had been an alternative. I don’t agree with them but nevertheless respect their opinion. That’s what democracy is about. But I don’t like the way things are said. On the other hand I don’t agree either on parties who say there is no problem at all or state that we all just have to get used to all the new problems and changes without presenting answers. So I keep hoping that there will be a sensible answer of the other parties. Because I really think that they make things worse by denying these social issues and the fear of all the people caused by all the rapid changes. When people denie, there is in my opinion simply no room for dialogue, nuance and solutions. So I really wish many people will let their voice be heard and are going to vote. It’s such a powerful right! ( ‘Protect our Freedom’). Wonder what March will bring….

Well ofcourse I trie not to worry all the time about what is going on in the world. At this moment finally spring is showing the first flowers, the days are getting longer and everybody is looking out for good times to come. Happily we don’t know what lies ahead. Only the here and now counts and I realise how lucky I am compared to so many people in the world. So every day I also trie to count my blessings and to enjoy. This is also what ‘Just Lazy’ is about. It’s a typical ‘happy’ summersong with a tropical touch. The people loved the chorus so I put a bitt more in it and made some other improvements. I finished this improved version in July  2016. Today I deceided to place it on Soundcloud because the sun is shining and it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

Link Just Lazy (improved version) https://soundcloud.com/henriette-20/just-lazy-improved-version

The beautiful Witch Hazel in our garden!

Warm greetings, Jellaso


I got a lot of reactions on my song Protect our Freedom. I would like to thank you all. I do have a request though. I sometimes get reactions in languages I do not know like Russian and I think Brazilian. I do have google translate but mine does not always work. Since I have sometimes no Idea what you have written I have deceided not to accept these mails. I apologise for that but hope you understand. I don’t mind when you write ‘bad’ English. I am Dutch and English is no native language to me either….ha ha. To me it’s the ‘tone” that matters.

I would like to intruduce myself to you so you can put the things that I write in perspective. I am 58 and lost my job as a manager a few years ago. It was at the hight of the financial crisis and there were no job opportunities at all. So to keep up the spirit I deceided to do work as a volunteer for Unicef and took singing lessons for which I often use the voicerecorder. In the meantime I discovered Garageband and LogicPro, computerprogramms to support homerecording and songwriting. Suddenly all the pieces came together. I have always had this idea that I could write songs. I had this strange experience that I was dreaming of making whole compositions in my sleep for a long time. And it nagged on me. So I just started and from that moment on I’ve been writing a lot of songs. In general a song just pops up in my head. Going Home on YouTube is a good example of such a song. It is completely how I felt at that moment. The ‘idea’ (part of the melody and text) was sung on my voicerecorder while walking on the beach.

I still don’t have a job but I enjoy to write and compose my songs. It makes me happy to inspire other people. Nevertheless, I sometimes  doubt whether I will go on. It would be nice to earn some money too. So at this moment I am standing at a crossroad. Wondering where I will stand in a couple of years. Hope you will follow me on this new episode in my life.

My message for today is ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Go for your dreams if not for work than as a hobby. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. It’s never to late to start and don’t mind what other people say!

Happy greetings, Jellaso

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody,

thank you for all the nice comments that I got. It means a lot to me and encourages me to go on.

Last year was a strange year to me. I focused on getting better in singing, making arrangements and working on LogicPro. And I made my first movies for YouTube. I have this strange button in my head which I turned of. Since I did not want to make new songs before learning how to make the ones I already made better.

You must know for me it’s something weird a new song. It’s like it masters my head and sticks in it like this Christmassong from Wham. Whether you like it or not once you think of it or hear it, you’re just singing it all day ha ha. In oktober I pressed the button again and was amazed that in a few months 3 new songs popped out. I still can’t believe that this is happening to me.

I am recently working on several songs to be released and have deceided to go more (live) on stage. To me writing music is only fun when there is interaction with other people. I can only achieve this by showing more of myself on stage and on Facebook. To be honest, I find that the hardest part of making music. But I am just going to do it.

In december I performed Protect our Freedom live on Stage in Utrecht for a wonderful audience! https://youtu.be/VhPO635g6t0 It’s such fun to sing with a band. The people behind volunteered to shout as the crowd who are getting more and more angry.

I think that I am very priviliged to live in freedom and don’t take it for granted. No system is perfect, that also counts for our democracy. In this quickly changing landscape it can only survive when we dare to re-evaluate  it to a modern version which is futureproof. Before you ask me, no I don’t have the answer now, but I hope it inspires you to great answers.

Have a beautiful day! warm greetings,





New song “Win or Loose” on Soundcloud and new clip of “Protect our Freedom” on Youtube

Hello everybody,

Hope you are enjoying your day. I have been working on a new clip for “Protect our Freedom” which I placed on Youtube https://youtu.be/iYDfWPXTBzM

Furthermore I released a new song on Soundcloud “Win or Loose” http://soundcloud.com/henriette-20/win-or-loose. A song about the circle of life, bad luck and hope.

It’s inspired by this beautiful sunny summerweek in which the Dutch became third with football in the World Cup in Brasil and the whole country was excited and partying and a few days later the terrible accident with MH17 (airplane) happened and the country was in shock including me. So much sorrow in so many families. And isn’t is so that every day terrible things happen to so many people all over the world.

I think that whatever happens in peoples lives what makes them survive and conquer sorrow and fear, is hope! And ofcourse faith and love.

My hope for you is that you are all well. Have a nice day,

Greetings Jellaso

heads or tails
heads or tails

New song Going Home on Youtube and Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

You didn’t hear from me for a while. It has been pretty busy. I have among other things been working hard on my music and finished three songs in studio Moskou. One of these songs is “Going Home” which I released on Youtube and Soundcloud. The clip of Going Home is made on a typical Dutch beach with lots of soft sand, Seagulls and children playing in the sand. I wanted to catch the happiness which I fellt while strolling along the seaside in this quiet song https://youtu.be/R48BZkok8Uc


I have also started my own business “Songdream” (www.songdream.nl) to help people write their own popsong. Whether they want to become an artist or “just” like to write a song for a special person or occasion they are all special to me. I can also help them with things like copyright and all the fuss around recording in the studio, clips and their performance on stage. I love to write my songs and hope they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Till next time!!! and have a great day!!!

Greetings Jellaso


New song ‘Protect our Freedom’ on Youtube and Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all doing well!
I have been busy with recording lately. Today I released my song ‘Protect our Freedom’ on Youtube and Soundcloud. There’s a lot going on in the world. I wrote this song a year ago and it’s still very relevant. I believe, that now more than ever it’s necessary to stand side by side. Together we are stronger to face and solve todays problems and challenges: the financial crises, attacks on our society, environment, refugees etc etc. The beats and the ‘crowd’ get louder and louder to emphasize the sense of urgency.

Furthermore I had my first performance on stage at the Vorstin in Hilversum. Although I was pretty nervous it was also exciting. The public was great!!
I hope you keep following me, best wishes,


eigen love and peace teken

New song “Fighter” on Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

   "don't give up!"
“don’t give up!”

This time a post in English. Today I released my new song “Fighter” on Soundcloud. It was recorded in studio Moskou. As many of you know, most of my songs are inspired by an event, news on tv or story which I’ve heard and “hit” me by surprise. “Fighter” is one of these songs and will be part of my new album “I see You”.
I was touched by the suicide attempt of the owner of a store which I used to visit and was closed as a result of the economic crisis. It was just “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.
His story inspired me to write this song. I hope it will support people who are feeling miserable and ofcourse if you’re not, I just hope you enjoy the song.

I want to thank everybody for their warm reactions on my songs. With special thanks to Pascale Kemper, my inspiring singing teacher.

Until next time,




Eerste blog Jellaso

Dag allemaal,

Just Lazy 2vorige week hebben jullie voor het eerst met mijn muziek kennis kunnen maken op Soundcloud met mijn nummer ‘Just lazy’. Een nummer met een Caribisch tintje om het lazy karakter te benadrukken. De komende tijd zullen jullie nog veel meer van mij te horen krijgen. De komende weken verwacht ik “Fighter” op Soundcloud te zetten.

Graag wil ik jullie wat meer over mijzelf vertellen. Ik ben 56 en heb een brede interesse voor muziek. Een jaar geleden ben ik gestart met het schrijven van muzieknummers. Inmiddels heb ik bijna 20 nummers geschreven en de ideeën blijven maar komen. Een langgekoesterde wens is daarmee uitgekomen. Ik maak popmuziek met elementen van “wereldmuziek” zoals jazz, blues en Ierse ballades. Tot het repertoire horen naast rustige nummers ook “upbeat” nummers.

Aan mijn nummers ligt vaak een gebeurtenis of verhaal wat ik heb gehoord ten grondslag. Zoals het nummer “Protect our freedom” wat ik vorig jaar heb geschreven en is ingegeven door mijn ongerustheid over wat er om ons heen gebeurd in de wereld en – in mijn ogen – soms laconieke Westerse houding. Of “I see you” wat ik speciaal heb geschreven voor mensen zonder werk om hen moed in te spreken.

Ik hoop dat jullie genieten van mijn nummers. Blijf me volgen op mijn blog,

Groeten, Jellaso