New song Going Home on Youtube and Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

You didn’t hear from me for a while. It has been pretty busy. I have among other things been working hard on my music and finished three songs in studio Moskou. One of these songs is “Going Home” which I released on Youtube and Soundcloud. The clip of Going Home is made on a typical Dutch beach with lots of soft sand, Seagulls and children playing in the sand. I wanted to catch the happiness which I fellt while strolling along the seaside in this quiet song


I have also started my own business “Songdream” ( to help people write their own popsong. Whether they want to become an artist or “just” like to write a song for a special person or occasion they are all special to me. I can also help them with things like copyright and all the fuss around recording in the studio, clips and their performance on stage. I love to write my songs and hope they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Till next time!!! and have a great day!!!

Greetings Jellaso


New song ‘Protect our Freedom’ on Youtube and Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all doing well!
I have been busy with recording lately. Today I released my song ‘Protect our Freedom’ on Youtube and Soundcloud. There’s a lot going on in the world. I wrote this song a year ago and it’s still very relevant. I believe, that now more than ever it’s necessary to stand side by side. Together we are stronger to face and solve todays problems and challenges: the financial crises, attacks on our society, environment, refugees etc etc. The beats and the ‘crowd’ get louder and louder to emphasize the sense of urgency.

Furthermore I had my first performance on stage at the Vorstin in Hilversum. Although I was pretty nervous it was also exciting. The public was great!!
I hope you keep following me, best wishes,


eigen love and peace teken

New song “Fighter” on Soundcloud

Hello everybody,

   "don't give up!"
“don’t give up!”

This time a post in English. Today I released my new song “Fighter” on Soundcloud. It was recorded in studio Moskou. As many of you know, most of my songs are inspired by an event, news on tv or story which I’ve heard and “hit” me by surprise. “Fighter” is one of these songs and will be part of my new album “I see You”.
I was touched by the suicide attempt of the owner of a store which I used to visit and was closed as a result of the economic crisis. It was just “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.
His story inspired me to write this song. I hope it will support people who are feeling miserable and ofcourse if you’re not, I just hope you enjoy the song.

I want to thank everybody for their warm reactions on my songs. With special thanks to Pascale Kemper, my inspiring singing teacher.

Until next time,




Eerste blog Jellaso

Dag allemaal,

Just Lazy 2vorige week hebben jullie voor het eerst met mijn muziek kennis kunnen maken op Soundcloud met mijn nummer ‘Just lazy’. Een nummer met een Caribisch tintje om het lazy karakter te benadrukken. De komende tijd zullen jullie nog veel meer van mij te horen krijgen. De komende weken verwacht ik “Fighter” op Soundcloud te zetten.

Graag wil ik jullie wat meer over mijzelf vertellen. Ik ben 56 en heb een brede interesse voor muziek. Een jaar geleden ben ik gestart met het schrijven van muzieknummers. Inmiddels heb ik bijna 20 nummers geschreven en de ideeën blijven maar komen. Een langgekoesterde wens is daarmee uitgekomen. Ik maak popmuziek met elementen van “wereldmuziek” zoals jazz, blues en Ierse ballades. Tot het repertoire horen naast rustige nummers ook “upbeat” nummers.

Aan mijn nummers ligt vaak een gebeurtenis of verhaal wat ik heb gehoord ten grondslag. Zoals het nummer “Protect our freedom” wat ik vorig jaar heb geschreven en is ingegeven door mijn ongerustheid over wat er om ons heen gebeurd in de wereld en – in mijn ogen – soms laconieke Westerse houding. Of “I see you” wat ik speciaal heb geschreven voor mensen zonder werk om hen moed in te spreken.

Ik hoop dat jullie genieten van mijn nummers. Blijf me volgen op mijn blog,

Groeten, Jellaso