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Hello everybody,

the more I think about it, the more I realize that my blog is getting the shape of a kind of collumn. A journey through my life and subjects that amaze me. Today I want to write a bit more about computers and cybercrime. As I told in my blog “love, love, hate my computer” I am convinced that most of us are not able or lack the time to perform all the essential actions necessary to keep our computers working and up-to-date! So how can we safeguard our interests!?

Last week a lot of newsitems concerned cybercrime. One of the large terminals in the port of Rotterdam was hit by a ‘side-effect’ of a cyberattack from a country far away. A big wake up call for the authorities. And it seems that many hospitals and other institutions can’t guarantee the safety of their data either. This is not a national but a global problem! And not only companies are under attack but also citizens.

We recently got a notice of our bank (a large well rated bank!) that they don’t take care anymore of the fire walls etc. and that we have to look for a good fire wall ourselves. I think this is the …. limit. They earn a lot of money, the wages are skyhigh, they have large departments where qualified ict employees work who are well paid and they don’t want to take the responsability anymore to protect our financial interests. My interpretation is that this means that they are not convinced that they can protect our private financial interests against cybercrime. So they cover themselves against future claims.
So how can anybody expect that laymen can protect themselves against a cyberattack! This is not okay.

We have made ourselves too vulnerable. Almost nothing works without computerprogramms including our locks who protect us against the sea. It’s the task and duty of the government and the creatives amongst us to deal with these problems and come with practical solutions. For this can only go wrong. I have been counting and I alone have at least 40 passwords. Besides I have on the average 6 updates every week (computer, programms, phone etc.) One device has more updates than the other so I was already obliged to buy a new midi interface because it did not work anymore after the last update of my computer. I have to make backups all the time. It’s consuming more and more of my precious time. Thought computers were also made to make life easier. It feels like a big blurr of different interests.

Again I don’t have the answer. Maybe there should be more standalone computers, more certified institutions who provide help with the computer etc. I am not the professional. This is a problem we have to tackle and solve jointly as citizens, as companies and as governments. It’s a global issue. We can’t do this alone.

Well as I stated, I also love my computer. For if there had not been internet and computers I would not have met you!

So I end with a warm computergreeting to all of you.


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I am a woman who lives in Holland. I love to write about topics that touch my heart and amaze me and hope I can inspire people by doing so. The text is supported by my own pictures and ofcourse my own songs. A theme that for example often comes back is freedom. I also wrote a song 'Protect our Freedom'. I am thankful that I can live in freedom. It means a lot to me. But ofcourse I also write about 'ordinary' human emotions like happiness.

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