The Do it OurSelves-society – who is fooling who?

Hi there,

thanks for all your nice comments and feedback. I must say I experience for the first time a certain pressure to keep up the standard ha ha!
Well today I want to write about DOS? What DOS? Well, I’ll explain.

I love to write songs. When I started my adventure I did not know how much time it takes to make and market music these days. I would never have guessed that most of my time I would be busy behind the computer learning how to handle it, doing my own marketing and pr, learning how to make videos etc. etc. The bright side is that I am learning a lot. But it also means that I am most of my time busy doing other things than making music. I am a follower of Graham of the Music Revolution who helps people with homestudios and he wrote this article about the moment he did’t like to make music anymore. As it turns out many musicians experience this at a certain moment. It was funny to read and I recognized a lot. So I made a big decision. To me it means that I will cut down my time behind the computer and perform more with other people. Bring back the fun!

I am part of the Do It Ourselves society. Whether we buy our groceries or make music. The government and companies do less and less for us and we have to do more and more ourselves. It’s not only their fault. Sometimes the reason is because the companies earn less than they used to. The music companies f.e. earn less because of streaming. So they only support the people who are already very succesfull. DIY-companies also thrive because they make it possible for people to buy cheaper goods and do more themselves to cut down the costs of their house or garden. But sometimes it seems to me they just use it as an excuse to earn more money.

The story of a marketeer made me realize that there’s also another side to the story. Not only the companies are to blame. It seems consumers also love to be ‘fooled’ by the companies and want to do a lot themselves. For example many people love it to wrap up, weigh and scan their purchases themselves. He also told this funny story.

They produced a ready-made package for pancakes. Only water needed to be added. Thinking the ‘housewife/-man’ would be happy because it saved time. Nobody bought this. Because it appeared that baking a cake is also about this feeling of making something homemade. So they changed the recipe for this package and left out the egg. Really. So job done. After that the package for pancakes was a success and the people who baked their cakes were happy again because their cakes were ‘homemade’. Who is fooling who ha ha.

Well suppose you can guess what I prefer!

Have a good day, and enjoy!

Greetings, Jellaso

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I am a woman who lives in Holland. I love to write about topics that touch my heart and amaze me and hope I can inspire people by doing so. The text is supported by my own pictures and ofcourse my own songs. A theme that for example often comes back is freedom. I also wrote a song 'Protect our Freedom'. I am thankful that I can live in freedom. It means a lot to me. But ofcourse I also write about 'ordinary' human emotions like happiness.

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