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Thanks for all your nice words. It warms my heart.

I consider myself a newcomer in blogging. I am very pleased and grateful that my circle of blogfriends is getting larger and larger. But…. The downside is that it starts to become almost impossible to answer all your remarks or read them. I have to think about another way in which I can honour your kindness. To all who ask me whether I have a newsletter. No I don’t have one yet but I have deceided that I will start one soon. Also as an answer to this ‘problem’.

Let me enhance one point. I don’t mind when you don’t agree with what I write. We all have such hasty lives and not much time to ponder about the things we daily experience. I just hope that some of my blogs will make you think about the issue I write about and will help you to form your own opinion. I am happy when it – if just sometimes – inspires and helps you.

I write my blog more frequent than in the beginning and last months I try to write a new blog once every 2 weeks. It’s still a hobby of mine and consumes more time than you might think. And ofcourse I am not insprired all the time either ha ha. But I try to keep this rhytm.

I’ll end with this funny picture I made. It really made me smile! Wonder whether you know what it is!

A clou: it has something to do with birtdays..

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I am a woman who lives in Holland. I love to write about topics that touch my heart and amaze me and hope I can inspire people by doing so. The text is supported by my own pictures and ofcourse my own songs. A theme that for example often comes back is freedom. I also wrote a song 'Protect our Freedom'. I am thankful that I can live in freedom. It means a lot to me. But ofcourse I also write about 'ordinary' human emotions like happiness.

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